Infinite feeling in my heart

At 1:35am on a Sunday morning, I hv this sudden infinite feeling. I can describe it. It’d like I feel like dancing and laughing at things that are not funny like toothpaste, is it a paste made out of teeth?
At this moment, I feel illogically happy with theatre world.
That concept alone is mind blowing.
I’m not drunk nor high but I am ecstatic and hyperactive one again at… 1:39am in the morning.
Yet I feel so unsatisfied but also comfortable in my unsatisfaction.
I read a book that made me depressed, I had a dream that make me at awe and I watched a movie that left me inspired.
That’s the approach to life I’m going to take from not on. I’m going to absorb every moment and emotion.
I’m going to make mistakes and have regrets and feel proud, not because I am proud of my mistakes but because I made those mistakes and learnt a lesson and had an experience. Life is not about avoiding the bad things but defeating them because if I learned anything from cartoons ( and yes I still watch those), its that the more you take life too seriously the more u look like the villain.
Don’t be in such a rush to change the world, you first must understand it.
Yeah I’m on a roll here. Well wat can I say? I’m peacefully conflicted ^~^

one day my prince will come

i spent my day today reading a book. a book, though to me was a retake on all things Cinderella story, it was exceptional. it was a modern take on the Cinderella story and a very different at the same time.

Nicole chase, one of my new favorite authors. her book suddenly royal. he book was simply awesome and interesting. i found myself unable to stop reading prince yummy was ever so yummy in my imagination

i seriously cant get him out of my head and as for samantha… sweet sweet sam… i adore u.

the book also showed us that being royalty and being preveleged comes with its downs too, all that money and people and fame comes with a price. dont for once think that life is all about the peace, comfort and all things chocolate dipped, life, for even the rich has its complications and its hurts. infact everything you do is judged by people who dont even know u but yet chose to judge you becos they can and have been give the power to, but you can change that.

yes they have the power to critisize but only you has the power to dictate how that affects you.

so people!! next time you feel like you want to be royal or rich and famous, you might want to rethink that again cos frankly,its too stressful.

i for one will never want that…ok maybe only the rich part.

my thoughts are stars i cant fathom into constellations.
by Augustus waters

John Green said it all and like my favorite fictional inspirator (if thats isnt a real word, it should be made into one), I shall do all I want without caring whether anyone cares (which is to have this blog).

My name is long and has always been from the beginning of my time mispronounced by even my family members so I will stick with Kasa.

I would tell you my other name buy i know a lot of people with that name so lets stick with Kasa.

So my name is Kasa, no not casa as in house but Kasa as in… well…Kasa!

I just finished the book the faults in our stars today and I’ve had it with me on my system for 5 months now but I’ve been to afraid to read it until now.

I gained a lot of insight from the book and even from the fictitious book within the book which to me had a wonderful plot on its own I was even curious enough to check the internet to see if I could find the ever mention and excited upon book an imperial affliction by our fictional writer Peter Van Houten.

In peter’s book, he ended the book by not ending the book, a technique which we observe was also ended but actually not ending. Like Hazel, I would like to believe that John Green ended the book by not ending the book in the most Brilliant way, he ended it n such a way, leaving an avenue for us to use our imagination, leaving us in suspense, trying to guess what happened to Hazel but also letting us know that even if we do not know will happen to her, that she will be alright and that even if she dies she will forever live in the hearts of those who matter.

The reason I even started this book is because I felt like I owed it to everyone who took there time to gush about the book to me to actually read it. The movie was released 4th of June but in Nigeria was release to cinemas a week or two later. Till now I still refuse to WATCH it because I want to forever have the image I made of Hazel and Augustus forever left the way my imagination imagined them. it seems dumb I know but to me its not and I adore john green for letting me know that our insecurities are the obstacles places by us which prevents us from reaching out potential and also that we are all unique and we shouldn’t try so hard to be unique, memorable or profound because God in creating us already took care of all that.

So John Green, you are beyond awesome, I may not be infatuated with Augustus like half of the female teen population but i do understand his character and his need to matter to the world and not be a figure lost in history, even more I love hazel because she understood that you did not have to be remembered to matter because you already matter to the people who truly appreciate and love you just the crazy delusional and silly way you are.

Thats it for today folks peace out and forever be infinite.